ANA Summer Seminar Scholarships

The Milwaukee Numismatic Society makes up to three scholarships to the annual American Numismatic Association Summer Seminar available to MNS members.  For requirements and an application form, click here.

Find more information about the Summer Seminar and couse offerings, visit the ANA Summer Seminar website.

ANA Correspondence Courses

The MNS library also holds a copy of the course materials for the American Numismatic Association School of Numismatics Diploma Program. Members may use these materials to enhance their numismatic education through correspondence courses leading to a "Numismatic Scholar" certificate from the American Numismatic Association. By using the materials in the MNS library, members take advantage of substantially reduced course fees.

Learn more about the ANA Diploma Program here.

The Milwaukee Numismatic Society maintains a library of numismatic books, periodicals, and auction catalogs for the use of its members. Members may borrow items from the library through our librarian.

Library Catalog

The MNS Library is catalogued in a digital database. You can search the library using BookDB2.  If you do not already have BookDB2 installed on your computer, first get the library database software here. Follow the instructions on the BookDB2 site to download and install BookDB2. 

Then get a current copy of the MNS Library database here.  Save the zip file to your computer and unzip it.  Start BookDB2 and click File > Import Books and choose Booklist.txt from the folder you unzipped.  The MNS library will be loaded into BookDB2.  You can use the filters at the bottom of the BookDB2 form to aid your search.

Excel Spreadsheet
Alternatively, you may download a copy of the library database in an Excel format spreadsheet here.

Library data last updated October 18, 2012.



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